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Reasons to not use soap on your face

Reasons to not use soap on your face

Almost everyone uses soap bars on their face while showering. Most people do not realize that this is actually a harmful practice.

Soap is made of sodium lauryl sulphate which can cause damage to your skin.

It also contains many chemicals such as foaming agents, colours, preservatives, artificial fragrances, caustic soda etc.

Due to all these chemicals you should never use soap on delicate skin like facial skin.

Skin damage

Soap can damage the outer layer of skin and deprives it from natural oils.

Dry skin

Since soap contains caustic soda. It removes natural oil from your skin. This can cause wrinkles on your skin. Caustic soda can also make your skin thin.

Reduces skin immunity

Using soap on face can reduce immunity against infections. Frequent use can destroy the fat layer on your skin which prevents infections.

Destroys good bacteria

The nature of soap is to destroy microorganisms on skin. This means it will also destroy the good bacteria on the skin which helps fight infections.

Removes Vitamin D

The Vitamin D which is accumulated in your skin after sun exposure gets destroyed because of the harmful chemicals of soap. Vitamin D is very important for skin and bone health.

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