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Natural remedies for Pneumonia

Natural remedies for Pneumonia

In this season, pneumonia is one of the commonly affected diseases especially in children, elderly people and in those who have weak immune system. Continuous high fever, cough and mucus with an abnormal pulse rate of more than 150 beats per minute, difficulty in breathing and pain in chest are some of the common symptoms of pneumonia.

Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, mycoplasms and various chemicals. People who are infected with this disease can become weak and often they need hospitalization.

There are certain natural and ayurvedic remedies for pneumonia. These remedies help in subsiding effects of pneumonia.

Take flax seed, sesame see and honey in equal quantities. Mix them into water by a adding a pinch of salt. Consume it daily two times to lower the inflammation.

Drink basil juice by adding some crushed black pepper for two to three times a day to ease the symptoms of pneumonia. Similarly, you can have mint juice as well. Add one or two teaspoons of honey to the juice and consume it on regular intervals.

Consume the black tea by adding one or teaspoon of fenugreek powder to treat pneumonia. If you want you can add honey or sugar in the tea.

Turmeric has tons of benefits. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to lukewarm water and dab it on your chest with heated cloth to lower the inflammation in your lungs.

Triphala churna or ashwaganda are effective remedies for pneumonia. Adding some ginger or cinnamon to your regular diet helps to treat pneumonia.

Garlic has several health benefits. It can lower your body temperature. Crush some cloves of garlic to make paste and apply it on the chest to bring down the body temperature.

Add few black pepper seeds and cloves and boil them. Add a pinch of baking soda to the water and drink it one or two times a day to get relief from the symptoms of pneumonia.

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