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Home remedies to lower temperature of your child

Home remedies to lower temperature of your child

Generally, fever is a sign of infection. Sometimes it is associated with normal cough and cold, but it could be due to some other reasons.

If any other serious cause is associated with the fever of your child, you can easily reduce his or increased body temperature within five minutes. Just follow these home remedies to lower the body temperature of your kid. These may help as first aid, but, take your child to doctor after his or her temperature is reduced.

Apply a wet cloth on the forehead of your child after squeezing it in cool water and keep it for few minutes. Repeat the same procedure till fever lowers.

Grind potatoes to make a smooth paste. Keep it in the socks of your child and let him/her wear this socks. It helps lower fever within a few minutes.

Keep a cotton cloth in your child’s socks which is soaked in the mixture of brandy and water in an equal ratio. This is an effective home remedy which brings down fever immediately.

Make your child wear loose clothes as they will not keep body heat and help reduce body temperature. Remove all the extra clothes he or she wears. In case your child feels cold, warm him or her with a blanket.

Switch on the fan in the room with high speed to let the room cool. But, do not put your kid directly in front of the fan or the let the air directly blow on him/her.

You can also give some cold fluids like yogurt in moderate amount to reduce body temperature. This aids to keep the body of your child hydrated.

Do not let your child go outside in the hot weather. Rather keep him/her relaxed in cool indoors.

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