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Loneliness is a bigger problem than you think

Loneliness is a bigger problem than you think

In the modern day and age, deadlines are abundant, and it is common for people to cut down on their sleep in order to meet them. However, some people suffer from a lack of sleep due to other causes. One of the most common causes of a lack of sleep is loneliness.

This is defined as the stress and anxiety felt by people when they feel that their relationships with others are inadequate.

A research study showed that teenagers and young adults who feel lonely are 24% more likely to suffer from a lack of sleep, which negatively affects their performance in many ways throughout the day.

This lack of sleep does not only affect their tiredness during the daytime, but it also damages many of the benefits of a good night’s sleep.

These include the stamina of one’s body, the strength of one’s immune system, and the levels of one’s stress.

People who feel lonely also tend to have poorer sleep quality, including an inconsistency of sleep, a short duration of sleep, and the inability to stay wakeful during daytime hours.

Therefore, the researchers on this matter enforce the necessary therapeutic treatment for people who feel lonely, in order to target their negative and self-deprecating thoughts and perceptions of themselves.

The researchers also found that the associations between feelings of loneliness and a lack of sleep in a person was 70% stronger in those who were commonly exposed to violence.

Certain examples include crime, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and other forms of maltreatment.

Therefore, the researchers conclude that this association is likely strengthened by people feeling a lack of safety.

They urge that people who feel this way are given emotional help and treatment as soon as possible, which will both improve their physical condition and boost their self-esteem.

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