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Indian foods that can prevent breast cancer

Indian foods that can prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly forms of cancer that exists, and the risk of breast cancer is increasing. It is estimated that one in every eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime and in India, it has been declared as the most common form of cancer.

The World Health Organization (or WHO) has predicted that the number of breast cancer cases will increase at an alarmingly rapid rate by 2020. Although there are several causes of cancer, one of them is food choices. Therefore, these are some of the best foods to eat to help prevent breast cancer.

Garlic is great food for boosting and fueling the immune system, and its sulfur content is a natural defense against cancer. It also is a rich source of allium, a cancer-fighting compound.

The consumption of garlic can reduce the risk of several cancers, including breast cancer.

Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and collard greens are some of the best foods for fighting cancer. They contain several cancer-fighting nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin B, phytochemicals, and chlorophyll.

Green tea is known for its many health benefits, and cancer-fighting is one of them. The antioxidants and polyphenols in green tea can prevent cell damage. Additionally, it is an excellent detoxifier, and can remove damaging toxins from the body.

Pepper has several nutrients that can help fight cancer.

Capsaicin in chili peppers can help fight the growth of cancer cells, and chlorophyll in green pepper can bind cancer-causing carcinogens in the gut. Red peppers also contain capsaicin, as well as antioxidant carotenoids, both of which can help fight cancer.

Indian foods that can prevent breast cancer

Indian foods that can prevent breast cancer

Tomatoes are rich in cancer-fighting nutrients.

They contain the antioxidant lycopene, which is helpful for fighting cancer cells.

Additionally, tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

Vitamin C is especially helpful for fighting cancer, since it prevents cell damage that can lead to cancer.

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