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Home remedies for oily scalp

Home remedies for oily scalp

An oily scalp can have many detriments to hair health. It is best to only wash the hair twice a week, in order to not strip it of its natural oils so often.

However, people with oily scalps want to wash their hair more than two times per week, since scalp oils weigh the hair down and make it look dirty.

There are several home remedies for dealing with an oily scalp, which allows the hair to not need shampooing every day.

These are some home remedies for dealing with an oily scalp.

Baking soda is excellent for absorbing excess oil.

Mix some baking soda with water to make a paste and apply this paste to the scalp.

Do not apply it to the entire length of the hair, since this can dry the hair out.

This remedy can rid the hair of both excessive scalp oil and any unpleasant smell from the scalp oil.

Aloe vera can both detoxify and nourish the scalp, which makes it an excellent remedy for ridding the scalp of excessive oils.

Apply aloe vera gel all over the hair, especially on the scalp.

Leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then wash it off with some shampoo. The vitamins in the aloe vera will control the secretion of oils from the scalp.

Apple cider vinegar is another excellent way to rid the scalp of excess oil. Make a mixture that is three parts water and one-part apple cider vinegar and apply this all over the scalp.

Let it dry, and then wash it off with shampoo. Although the mixture may smell unpleasant, the scent will go away as soon as the hair is washed.

The apple cider vinegar can balance the scalp’s oil production, balance the scalp’s pH level, and even help deal with dandruff.

Lemon juice is another great remedy for ridding the scalp of excess oils.

Home remedies for oily scalp

Home remedies for oily scalp

Apply lemon juice all over the scalp and leave it on for about a half an hour before washing it off with shampoo.

Lemon juice can balance the production of sebum on the scalp, and the citric acid in it can make the scalp’s pH level return to normal.

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