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How to treat sun damaged hair

How to treat sun damaged hair

During the summer, warmer temperatures and better weather prompt people to spend much more time in the sun than during other times of the year. However, too much exposure to sunlight can be harmful, even to the hair.

Although it may not seem vulnerable to the effects of sunlight, hair can become damaged very quickly when it is exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Hair can become dry, brittle, and even split when overexposed to sunlight. However, there are several simple measures that can be taken to prevent this from happening. These are some of the ways to treat and prevent sun-damaged hair.

After being out in the sun for long hours, be sure to additionally rinse your hair with cold water after washing it. Cold water helps keep conditioner moisture in the hair and seal hair cuticles.

When washing your hair after being out in the sun, be sure to stay away from shampoos that contain sulfate. Sulfate can easily damage vulnerable hair, since it washes away its natural oils. Avoid sulfate-filled shampoos in order to keep the hair moist.

Since overexposure to sunlight can easily cause hair to get split ends, be sure to go for hair trims often if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Regular trims are also helpful for generally dry hair.

Swimming in a pool can cause additional damage to the hair in the summertime, since chlorine further dries out hair. Therefore, be sure to wash out your hair after swimming, especially in outdoor pools. Be sure to wash your hair before swimming or sunbathing as well.

Mixing avocado and oil makes an excellent remedy for hair moisturizing. It adds many valuable nutrients for the hair, and helps keep it moist and beautiful. Rub some of this mixture on the scalp when spending long periods of time in the sun.

Aloe vera is another effective natural hair moisturizer.

Rubbing some aloe vera gel on the head can help soothe any damage to the hair or scalp.

It is considered one of the best methods for treating sun-damaged hair.

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