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Home Remedies for knee pains

Home Remedies for knee pains

Knee pains annoy you a lot. Seek medical advice if you have severe pain or symptoms that last for many days.

However, sprains or minor to moderate knee pains can be treatable at home with some home remedies.

Here is a list of home remedies for knee pain:

  • Physical activities like walking, cycling etc. and yoga can delay the onset of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the most causes of knee pain. However, if you have severe knee pains or symptoms and injuries, avoid physical activities that worsen your condition
  • Take enough rest to ease the pain. Keep your feet elevated while taking the rest. Apply a cold compress on the affected area. To prevent swelling, wrap the knee with a compression bandage, but not too tightly, to avoid blood circulation problems.
  • Strengthen your upper leg muscles to protect your joints. Sit or lie down and raise your leg slowly. Repeat it for a couple of minutes. Stand and sit alternatively for a minute slowly.
  • Overweight is one of the reasons for knee pains. Health experts say that an additional 10 pounds of weight can add at least 15 pounds of pressure to a joint. So, maintain a healthy weight to prevent or treat knee pains.
  • An alternate hot and cold therapy helps relieve pain and treat inflammation. If you apply heat, then apply it for up to 15 to 20 minutes continuously. A warm shower in the morning helps treat the pain of stiff joints. Use cold packs during the first two days of an injury four to eight times. You can also replace hot and cold packs with paraffin and ointments containing capsaicin.
  • Herbal ointments containing ginger, cinnamon, sesame oil etc., can ease the pain. Aromatherapy with essential oils and massage also can relieve knee pains.
  • As per some studies, acupuncture and Tai Chi have a significant impact on pain relief.

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