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Health benefits of Okra

Health benefits of Okra

Vegetables and fruits have plenty of nutrients. They keep you healthy by providing all essential minerals and vitamins to the body. Some vegetables have medicinal value. Ayurveda says some vegetables can aid in relieving health ailments. Lady’s finger or Okra is one such vegetable. Here are the health benefits of okra.

Okra has enough potential to balance the blood sugar levels and thus prevent diabetes. It can even regulate the production of insulin in the body. So it can ease the symptoms of diabetes. Regular use of okra can help diabetics.

Okra is believed to be a good remedy for arthritis and knee pain. There is a folk remedy for treating severe knee pain. Chop the vegetables into fine pieces after thoroughly washing them. Boil them for some time and keep it overnight by removing the pieces. You can eat them by adding some oil and salt. Drink the juice the next day morning to treat your knee pain. Or you can soak the washed pieces in a glass of water for overnight and drink it next day. This is believed to be a good remedy for knee pains and arthritis.

Packed with minerals like iron, folate, vitamins C and K, okra helps in improving the hemoglobin levels in the bloods. Thus, regular use of okra prevents anemia.

The antioxidants and other minerals in okra can keep your skin tone in a good condition. It can also keep the cholesterol levels in your body in control.

Okra is rich in vitamins B and C, and also in folate. These are essential for a mother-to-be and for a healthy pregnancy. It even helps in the growth of fetus.

It is rich in fibre as well and is helpful in keeping your digestive tract improve its function. It relieves constipation.

Okra is packed with antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it can help prevent asthma and some other respiratory disorders.

The vegetable also contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein and xanthine. All these elements helps improve your visions. It can even help in preventing cataracts. Regular consumption of okra also helps in preventing pimples on the face.

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