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Get beautiful hair with home remedies

Get beautiful hair with home remedies

Hair with a long, luxurious quality is a sign of beauty, attractiveness, and health in many cultures around the world.

However, many factors can hinder the health of one’s hair, such as stress, nervous habits, and an unhealthy diet.

Hair that looks unappealing can usually indicate that there is something wrong with one’s health.

It is also important to keep one’s hair healthy since it is connected to the health of one’s skin.

However, artificial products like lotions and coloring products can do damage to the hair, so it is best to use products made from natural sources.

With that said, here are five excellent natural recipes for hair packs that will help hair grow back and stay healthy:

· Crack an egg and take its yolk, avoiding as much of the white as possible, and then add some coconut milk and a vitamin E capsule. Mix it until well blended, and then apply to the hair and scalp with either a brush or a cotton ball. After forty-five minutes, wash it off with a pH-balanced shampoo.

· Take an onion and several cloves of garlic and make a generous amount of paste from them. Add castor oil to the mix if hair dryness is an issue, but a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil can also be rubbed into the scalp beforehand instead. Before applying, also rub in any excess onion and garlic juices collected from the paste. Apply the paste to the scalp and keep it on for at least forty-five minutes, if not more.

· Mix two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of gram flour in a bowl until it has a perfect consistency; it should neither be too thick nor too thin. Apply this to the scalp and hair, and then wash off after about forty-five minutes.

· Take a papaya either ripe or overripe and mash it together with some cream. Add castor oil or coconut milk to the mixture for extra results. Apply the mix to the hair and keep it on for forty-five minutes, then wash it off after.

· Take an overripe banana and blend it with mayonnaise until the mixture has perfect consistency. Add about three drops of either coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil or vitamin E oil to the mix. Apply to the hair and scalp and then wash off after forty-five minutes.

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