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Use milk for better skin

Use milk for better skin

It is widely known how milk benefits the health due to its high calcium content, strengthening teeth, bones, nails and the like, but what is less-known is the benefit that milk has upon the skin, such as hydrating dry skin and soothing irritated skin.

Its byproducts, buttermilk and yogurt, are recommended for oily skin types, while whole fat milk or cream is preferred on dry skin types.

Its powder can even work if needed, for it works in a similar fashion.

Raw or unpasteurized milk is preferred due to the altered protein structure of milk from heating.

It is rare that side effects occur in application of milk to the skin, only if the skin is very sensitive. Some benefits of using milk on the skin are as follows:

•For radiant skin, take a milk bath with hot water and three to four liters of milk. Rest in the bath for twenty minutes, and do this daily for a week for the swiftest results. Add oats and rose petals to give a feel akin to a spa, if preferred. Be sure to wash with warm water afterward in order to clean residue from the body.

•Milk can also lighten the skin; to use, take a cotton ball and soak it in milk and then apply it on the dark patches. Leave it on overnight so that it can be absorbed, and rinse it off in the morning.

•Either milk or yogurt can be used as a skin toner. A thick, even layer should be applied to the skin, and should rest there for ten minutes as to let it absorb, rinsing it off later

•Milk can be used as an excellent home remedy for sunburn. Take a clean cloth, let it soak in some fresh milk, and then refrigerate the cloth for a time.

• Similar to a cold compress, apply the cloth over the sunburnt area. Do not use whole fat version or cream in this treatment, since fat can insulate the sunburn and prevent the burn from losing its heat.

•Milk can exfoliate dead skin and heal cracked skin. Thus, it is a great ingredient to apply to cracked skin, and oats and coconut oil can be added for even better results.

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