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French diet for flat belly

French diet for flat belly

A perfect bodily figure is the dream of many people. However, achieving that perfect bodily form can be a struggle, and many attempt to restrict their diets without success. Many believe that a better diet comes from consuming less, less food and less calories.

However, the reliable French eating lifestyle proves that this is not the case; the best diets come from eating better quality food, not a lesser quantity of food. The French diet methods certainly seem to be effective, since obesity is far less problematic in France than in many countries where lower-quality food is common. These are the key rules to follow in this French diet.

Focusing on the quality of your food is the most important rule of maintaining health. Choose organic food that satisfies your taste buds, and avoid having too much oil and salt in your food.

In modern society, where people are always moving around, many make a habit of eating while on the go. However, this is very unhealthy for the digestive system. The best way to eat is sitting straight, which allows the digestive system to work properly to ingest the nutrition in our food.

Eating food on the go also means that people often consume food in a rushed manner. However, this can also be bad for the digestive system and cause it to store a lot of the food as belly fat. Eat steadily, with small bites and sips at a time.

Be sure to chew and swallow food steadily too, which will also help the digestive system properly ingest food. Swallowing too quickly usually leads to the food getting stored as fat.

The best meals are rich in proteins, which is found in foods like meat and eggs. Protein facilitates the body’s growth and energy levels.

Be sure to exercise every day, for at least a half an hour. This boosts the metabolism of the body and helps burn off fat and calories. It also helps increase the intake of water, which is helpful for removing any toxins in the body.

French diet for flat belly

French diet for flat belly

When using oil for cooking, be sure to use olive oil, which contains omega-3 fatty acid. This can help reduce cholesterol, fat, and improve the health of the heart.

Stay away from sodas while on a diet, as well as any fruit juices with preservatives. Instead, go for organic and preservative-free fruit juices, or better yet, make your own fruit juice at home.

Lastly, it is advisable to go for lower calorie meals if you overindulge. For example, if you eat a heavy breakfast, eat a light lunch and a moderate dinner.

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