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Foods that shouldn’t be stored in the fridge

Foods that shouldn’t be stored in the fridge

Many people store their food in the fridge. This is a common practice which helps in the preservation of food in a healthy state. However, there are certain foods that should not be kept in the fridge. They can get spoiled and may also spoil other food if you do so. Not to mention that some foods if refrigerated can ruin the smell of other foods. They can spoil the flavor of others as well. Here is a list of such foods.


Bread must always be stored in a cool and dry place. A fridge is not such a place. Placing bread in fridge can cause it turn to stale or become very hard.


The life of garlic is reduced if it is stored in the fridge. It is always better to store it outside. Garlic should be stored in a place with a lot of air supply and is dry.


Contrary to popular belief, melons can actually do well outside the fridge. They only need to be stored in the fridge if it is half eaten. Complete melons don’t need fridge to stay good.


Onions should be stored in dry place with ventilation. Keeping them in a dark place is also good to prevent sprouting. Putting them in the fridge can actually cause bad smell for other foods.


Avocados are best stored in a brown bag. This helps slow down the ripening process. You can also place them in any bowl instead of the fridge to ripen them.


Honey should not refrigerated. Keep it out of fridge even in summer.


Keeping tomatoes in the fridge kills their taste. Tomatoes should be kept outside. This keeps in a better condition rather than in fridge. They should be preserved in room temperature to get the maximum benefit.

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