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Foods you should not refrigerate

Foods you should not refrigerate

Many times after we buy groceries, we put the perishables in the fridge. However, there are some foods that should not be refrigerated for different reasons. Refrigeration can cause some foods to lose flavor while causing others to lose nutritional value. Here are some foods that should not be refrigerated.


Storing coffee in cold places results in a high chance of change in flavor. The suitable storage place for coffee is in an airtight container.


Storing tomatoes can cause them ripen fast. If you want to ripen them, then by all means do so. However, avoid storing ripe tomatoes in the fridge, unless you want them rotten.


If you are looking for ways to ferment your sauces, start by placing them in a fridge. If you want them normal, then avoid storing them in cold places. A little peak in to the history shows that sauces can actually be stored in normal temperatures for more than three years.


Avoid refrigerating potatoes. Keep them in dry places unless you want to attract moisture and thereby mold.


The fastest way to a rotten avocado is by placing them in the fridge. You can store them in cold places when the fruit is ripened.

Onions, bread, oils, garlic, honey, berries and spices are some other foods that cannot be refrigerated.

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