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Foods that can increase your blood iron

Foods that can increase your blood iron

Blood is essential for some of the most important bodily functions. They carry nutrients to your body and keeps it healthy. Having enough nutrients for your body is essential for a healthy life style. Nutrients like iron are very important to have a good amount of blood.

Iron is crucial for the formation of blood pigment hemoglobin. Having a deficiency in iron results in less than optimal amounts of hemoglobin. This results in not having enough oxygen supplied to your body for work.

If you find yourself feeling fatigued or tired, iron deficiency could be the reason. In that case, you can try several foods to improve your blood iron. These foods are rich in iron and can help improve the quality of your blood.


There are many varieties of meat and most of them are rich in Iron. Red meat like beef and mutton are really good sources of iron. So, add them to your diet.


Fruits are rich in many nutrients. Try to eat mangoes, oranges etc for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is helpful for the absorption of Iron. Fruits also give you many essential nutrients.


Legumes are usually rich in iron. Add them to your diet. Soybeans, chickpeas, and beans are especially good for vegetarians who do not eat meat. They consist of many nutrients that meat usually provides.

Whole grains

Whole grains should be an important part in your diet. They are rich in many nutrients and make your diet balanced. Anemic patients will get a boost of blood iron due to whole grains.


Eggs are considered crucial for a balanced diet.

Boiled eggs are the best way to consume them.

However, you can also have them made as omelets.

If you are under nourished, the yellow of the egg is very useful.

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