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Best sources for Iron


Iron is a very crucial mineral for the human body. It is important to transport oxygen to the cells andeeps them well-nourished and healthy. Lack of iron will make it impossible for your body to produce the pigment haemoglobin which carries oxygen in red blood cells. Iron deficiency can even cause anemia.

Here are some natural sources of Iron.


This leafy wonder is one of the healthiest vegetarian foods. It is also very easy to digest making it suitable for almost all ages. Even infants can be fed spinach soup. Consuming spinach with lemon juice is even better because iron is better absorbed with vitamin C.


Jaggery is very common in Indian cuisine. It is very rich in Iron. Combine jaggery with peanuts for the most effective iron absorption.


This pink vegetable is very rich in iron and can be consumed in many ways.  It can be juiced along with carrots and apples to increase haemoglobin in your body. It is also very rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin A & C and folic acid.

Before you start eating any of the above mentioned foods, make sure you consult with your doctor if you are allergic to any of them.

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