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Facts common for most women

Facts common for most women

Women tend to have habits and behaviors which might seem different and crazy to men. The smiles and frowns of women are always tough for a man to recognize and understand. Here are some most common and possessed facts about women that almost all women agree to. These simple and fun facts are relatable to almost all women.

Open mouth makeup

Whenever girls apply kajal, they tend to open their mouths. If they attempt to shut up, the mascara gets messed up.


One of the common mistakes that girls tend to do is search for their sunglasses everywhere when they are right on their heads. This happens to many women.


Women know the importance of having two or more different shampoos in the bathroom. For each women, there are different reasons as of to why they have more products than they use.

Bigger and better comparison

Most women tend to feel insecure about their breast size. It is a cycle of comparison between big and small breasted women.


The saying that “women can’t keep a secret” didn’t come from nowhere. Most women love to rant and in fact there is statement that the average length of time a woman can keep a secret is for 47 hours and 15 minutes.


Women love to talk. Most women do so without realizing. Research has shown that women speak around 20,000 words in a day which is around 13,000 words more than men.

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