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Different Vegetable Juices for health

Different Vegetable Juices for health

Due to the increase in health consciousness, many people prefer to follow healthy practices. They try to follow whatever is being said to be beneficial for health.

In this context, several people are showing interest in drinking vegetable and herbal juices.

Each vegetable juice has a different health benefit.

Health experts suggest that not every juice is beneficial to all people.

Moreover, it is not good for people who are suffering from heart problems, kidney diseases, liver problems, high blood pressure and diabetes without the advice of their doctor. They can consume only certain juices on the recommendation of their doctors.

Any vegetable drink should be consumed within four hours after it is made to get better results. It should contain 60 per cent of vegetable juice and 40 per cent of water to prevent indigestion issues. One can add one or two teaspoons of honey to the juice while consuming.

Here are some vegetable and herbal juices and their health benefits:   

  • Carrot juice improves vision and strengthens teeth. It prevents ulcers, tuberculosis, diabetes and cancer.
  • Amla juice prevents heart problems and strengthens nerves. It treats constipation, eye and ear problems, hair fall and sexual disorders.
  • Bottle gourd juice purifies the blood. It is beneficial for obesity and allergies.
  • Beetroot juice improves hemoglobin in the blood. It aids in digestion and strengthens intestines. It controls weight.
  • Radish juice improves eyesight. It treats kidney stones. It treats asthma and throat problems.
  • Neem leaves juice purifies the blood. It calms the mind and controls diabetes. It treats amebiasis.
  • Wheatgrass juice treats digestive problems, psychiatric disorders, uterus problems and sexual disorders.
  • Bitter gourd juice is beneficial for the people who suffer from kidney stones, diabetes and amebiasis. It is also beneficial for people with allergies and jaundice.
  • Papaya juice helps improve digestion. It is beneficial for liver diseases and cancer. It prevents aging signs.

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