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Different types of headaches and ways to manage them

Different types of headaches and ways to manage them

Headache is one of the most common health problems which affects you severely. There are different types of headaches. Each has different causes and symptoms.

However, most common causes are lack of proper nutrition and sleep, dehydration, stress at workplace or home. Also, in most cases they are harmless and in a few cases, they indicate a severe health condition like a brain tumour, stroke etc.

As per the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD), there are more than 150 different types of headaches. They are mainly divided into two categories: primary and secondary.

Here is a list of few headaches and ways to manage them:

Migraine is the most common form of headache. It usually affects one side of the head. It is reported more in women. The cause is not clear, however, it often runs in families. Environmental factors like dehydration, certain foods, stress, sleep disruption, bright lights etc. can trigger a migraine. Migraine can be eased with over the counter tablets. Drinking adequate water, consuming foods rich in vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids, placing an ice pack on the forehead, resting in a dark and quiet place will relieve the symptoms. Severe attacks need more medication as per the prescription of a doctor.

Tension headache is the second most common type of headache. Constant pain persists on both sides of the head in this type. Other symptoms include pain in the back of the head or on the neck, sensitivity to light and sound, feeling of pressure behind the eyes etc. Tension headache is associated with stress and anxiety. Exercise and stretching, having enough sleep, consuming ginger tea, applying few drops of peppermint oil to the hairline, improving posture and acupuncture help manage tension headache.

Different types of headaches and ways to manage them

Different types of headaches and ways to manage them

Cluster headache is characterized by a painful burning sensation and piercing pain behind the eyes. It usually affects men. The cause of cluster headache is not known, but smokers have more tendency to develop it. This headache recurs frequently in a series with severe pain. Swollen eyelid, watery eyes, blocked or runny nose, restlessness and sensitivity to sound and light are the symptoms. It lasts from 15 minutes to three hours. Drinking enough water, consuming magnesium-rich foods, and sleeping or resting will ease the symptoms.

Hypnic headache is a rare type of headache which is reported in 40 to 60 year old people. It occurs at night and at the same time. The main symptom is mild to moderate throbbing pain on both sides of the head. Nausea, sensitivity to sound and light are other symptoms. Caffeine can ease the symptoms; consuming a cup of coffee before bedtime can help prevent the headache.  Hypnic headaches are harmless. However, you have to consult your doctor to rule out migraine and cluster headache and confirm that it is a hypnic headache.

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