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Dangers of eating Acidic foods

Dangers of eating Acidic foods

Having too much of acidic food in your diet is in no way a healthy habit. Accumulation of acid can make your body vulnerable to many diseases. Acid can deplete various minerals in your body. Here are some dangerous things that can happen to your body if you have too much acid in your body.

Acid can damage your bones

It was found in a recent study that acidity can cause bone loss. If you are eating too much of animal products and less vegetables, then your body can become more acidic.

Several complications can occur in your body

Too much acidity in your body can cause Type 2 diabetes and even kidney failure. It can also cause kidney stones and even some types of cancers.

Your body loses efficiency

Maintaining a balance between acidic food and alkaline food helps your body keep a good balance. Your body will be able to eliminate toxins much easily. If this doesn’t happen, many complications can arise.

The body needs to be a bit alkaline

It is found that human body works best when the body pH is a bit alkaline. If your body turns acidic, several minerals are borrowed from other organs to create a balance. This can reduce your body’s efficiency.

It can affect your immune system

The immune system of the body won’t work efficiently against fending off diseases if your body is either too acidic or alkaline.

Eating raw foods can bring balance to your body

If you eat raw vegetables or fruits, it can be helpful in bring balance to your body. This can reduce the chance of many health complications.

Acidosis can cause osteoporosis

If you eat too much acidic food, you might risk the rise of osteoporosis. Even if you were to have a lot of calcium, the acid can damage it.

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