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Effects of overdoing exercise

Bone damage and too much exercise

Everyone is aware of the health benefits of doing exercise. Exercise helps lose weight and improves your body metabolism. It also increases your immunity and prevents you from getting diseases. However, over doing anything can be dangerous. There should be a balanced diet complementing the exercise. Here are some effects of over doing exercise.

Weakening of bones

Doing too much exercise can make your bones brittle and your joints weak. It can also have an impact on cartilage.

Wrong exercise is very dangerous

Doing exercise wrong can be quite troublesome. Try not to do new exercises without proper supervision. If you have any bone problems prior, then doing exercises wrong can be damaging to your bones. This damage can be permanent.

Loss of bone

Bone loss is quite common for those do athletic workouts. If you are a woman, then you are more prone to bone problems. Make sure there is enough calcium in your diet and you have a balanced diet that gives all the required nutrients.

Bone injuries

Bone injuries are very common in case of excessive exercise. Do not put too much stress on your body. It is important to have rest days. If you feel pain in bones, it is highly advised to visit a doctor. When you are trying for higher level of exercises or practicing for a marathon, make sure you get a recommendation from a doctor.

Improve bone health

Bone health is improved when you do exercise which is weight-bearing. Exercises like swimming and cycling does not help you in this. Try exercises like walking, running, weight-lifting to improve your bone health.

Not all exercises help bone health

Exercise is important for bone health; however you need to have a regime that suits your body. The regime should give your body proper rest. Make sure you have the right shoes while running and make sure you are doing the workout right.

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