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Bad food combinations according to Ayurveda

Bad food combinations according to Ayurveda

Depending on the time of eating food, time of processing food, and such like factors, certain combinations of food may not be safe to consume, according to Ayurveda.

Foods with opposing duel qualities, opposing multiple qualities, or similar qualities can be deemed incompatible.

These are some of the top Ayurvedic combinations of food that are deemed as such:

• Indian spinach and sesame seed paste cooked together can cause diarrhea, due to their similar qualities leading to a rise of dosha in the body.

• Both the combinations of long pepper, or pippali, when mixed with fish fat and honey mixed with the herb kakamachi can possibly cause a person’s death. Long pepper should also not be in a fish’s oil that it’s fried in.

• Avoid having milk for about thirty minutes after taking a holy basil capsule or tablet for any infection, since these two things are said to have opposing duel qualities per Ayurveda.

• Both the combinations of honey with wine and dates with sugar are said to have similar qualities and can lead to a rise of dosha in a person, so these should be avoided as much as possible.

• Fish and milk have a contradiction in their potency, fish being hot and milk being cold, thus possibly causing problems in blood and obstructing circulation.

• There are certain meats such as beef, buffalo, or fish that should not be combined with things like black gram, radish, and lotus stalk. Blindness, deafness, trembling, voice loss, and even death can result from it.

Bad food combinations according to Ayurveda

Bad food combinations according to Ayurveda

• The intake of milk after certain foods such as garlic, moringa, or tulsi plant can lead to skin diseases, and should be avoided at all costs.

• Milk should also be avoided along with sour fruits such as sour mango and pomegranate, horse gram, and leafy green vegetables.

• The heating of honey is not recommended, and it is also not recommended to give honey to someone suffering from heat stroke or excess heat.

• Ayurveda strictly opposes consumption of banana along with buttermilk, which can give rise to doshas within the body.

• Bhallataka, or geeru beeja, should not be consumed before activities before that involve exposure to heat, such as sunbathing.

• Sugary candy, black gram soup, and ghee are said to be contradictory with fully ripened fruits, and should thus be avoided.

•Partridge meat cooked in, fried in, or processed with castor oil is considered lethal for the body, and should not be put together.

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