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Small business ideas

Small business ideas

Most Indians prefer to buy products online these days. Hence, e-commerce platforms are ideal to sell your products.

Especially, if you sell your products to businesses, you can sell in large quantities and there is no need to wait for your local market.

Moreover, online platforms are good to expand your businesses throughout the country. If you have a good brand reputation, your products can even reach abroad.

Here are some small business ideas to start a business using e-commerce platforms.

Many people are environmentally conscious these days. Furthermore, most state governments are also trying to enforce plastic ban. In this scenario, things made with alternative to plastic are gaining popularity. Paper plates are good enough to start a business.

To start a paper plate business, you need one automated paper plate making machine which costs around ₹85,000.

Other requirements include hydraulic oil which costs ₹86 per litre, raw material in the range of ₹25 to ₹45 per kg based on the quality of material and designs, and dyes to shape the plates cost in the range of ₹3,000 to ₹15,000.

Hence, the total cost would be around ₹1.25 lakh. You can make approximately ₹40,000 per month.

Incense sticks or Agarbattis packet is another ideal product to be sold B2B. These are widely used not just in Indian households but also in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar. So, you have a good potential to export your products.

For this, you need Agarbatti making machine at the rate of ₹75,000, readymade mix powder of charcoal dust, kuppam powder etc. for ₹15 or 20 per kg, bamboo sticks for ₹50 per kg, fragrance for ₹400 per kg, Ethyl Phathlate for ₹125 per kg, and packing pouches and boxes ₹2 per piece.

Hence, the total cost would be around ₹86,000. If you can sell 100 kgs per day, you can make nearly ₹5 lakh per month.

You can read about the remaining ideas in the next article.

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