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List of products that export from India to the USA

List of products that export from India to the USA

India has established itself as a prominent exporter on the global stage, shipping a wide range of products and services to various destinations worldwide.

This article focuses on identifying the export products and their respective destinations, with a specific emphasis on India’s exports to the United States.

Among the top-selling Indian products in the USA, leather items hold a significant position. India leads the world in exporting leather products and accessories. Belts, pouches, bags, handbags, and other leather goods are commonly exported.

The international market has a high demand for gift items such as leather journals, covered notebooks, and key rings. Both small and large-scale entities in India actively participate in the export of leather items to foreign nations.

Another notable export from India to the USA is medical appliances and accessories. India is renowned for its high-quality and diverse range of medical products.

Surgical disposables, face masks, bandages, sterile gloves, and other items are commonly exported, and special appliances like baby incubators, digital imaging software, and air ionizers also find a good market position internationally.

Frozen meat is a non-vegetarian food product that experiences high demand and offers an exceptional taste. India supplies various types of fish, meat, shrimp, and rice, which have potential markets abroad. Indian exporters maintain a reputation for reliable selling practices, ensuring the export of top-quality meat products.

India’s agricultural products also form a highly exported range. Organically grown products are particularly sought after in foreign countries. Major export destinations for Indian agricultural products include Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, China, Canada etc.

Ginger and okra topped the list followed by vegetables and fruits. These vegetables include potatoes, cabbages, onions, and tomatoes, and fruits including bananas, mangoes, and guavas are some of the agricultural products that India excels in exporting.

Textiles play a vital role in India’s export sector, accounting for 15% of total textile exports worldwide. The textile market continues to grow and achieve success in foreign markets.

Textile businesses in India have a competitive advantage in terms of production costs for exports. Silk and khadi fabrics are particularly in demand in the international market.

India also exports gems and precious metals, making it the second-largest exported commodity by value to the USA. The export value of these items from India to the USA exceeds $40 billion.

Machinery parts related to agriculture, textile twister machinery, cement machinery, and compressor machinery are among the most frequently exported items from India to the USA.

With its diverse range of export products spanning various industries, India maintains a strong presence in the global export market.

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