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Know more about RuPay Credit Card

Know more about RuPay Credit Card

Indian government wants the country to move to a digital India. In this context, digital mode of payments are being encouraged.

Several people are using debit and credit cards. Majority of Indians have Visa and Master credit cards.

In order to improve the penetration of RuPay card in Indian market, NPCI has decided to launch RuPay credit cards. Hence know more about RuPay credit cards in this article.

Here the important things to know about RuPay credit card:

  • There is no need to pay a joining fee or quarterly fee for RuPay credit cards which is mandatory for many other credit cards.
  • These cards can be used at PoS transactions as well as online.
  • RuPay credit cards can be used anywhere throughout the world.
  • Since RuPay card is tied up with as many banks as possible in India, it has a wide network.
  • Following types of credit cards are available for RuPay: RuPay Classic, RuPay Platinum and RuPay Select.
  • With RuPay Classic credit card, you can even get a personal accident insurance and permanent disability cover up to ₹1 Lakh. You can also get gift voucher from Croma worth ₹500. Up to 15 per cent of discount is available at Apollo Pharmacy Stores. In addition to this, exclusive domestic merchant offers are available throughout the entire year.
  • Gift voucher from Croma, discount at Apollo Stores and exclusive merchant offers are common with all the three cards.
  • In addition to this, you can get personal accident insurance and permanent disability cover up to ₹2 Lakh with RuPay Platinum credit card. You can also get cashback on restaurant bills and utility bill payments. 24 /7 concierge services are also provided with this card.
  • With RuPay Select credit card, all benefits are common with Platinum card. Furthermore, you can enjoy access to more than 30 lounges in India and over 500 lounges across the globe. The comprehensive insurance cover is for ₹10 lakhs.

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