Difference between RuPay card and Visa Debit card

Difference between RuPay card and Visa Debit card

Difference between RuPay card and Visa Debit card

Since the launch of RuPay card by the from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), many people were unsure about the differences between it and the Visa Debit Card, MasterCard etc.

The first major difference is the RuPay is India’s own domestic card with its own payment gateway. It is an approved card payment network just like MasterCard and VISA.

It is a domestic product with less transaction costs compared to visa debit card which has processing in foreign countries.

The transactions with RuPay card are much faster in processing as they happen in India. Comparatively visa cards take more time as processing happens at an international level.

RuPay cards are currently accepted only in national level transactions. They cannot be used internationally like visa cards.

In order to join the network, the banks don’t need to pay a quarterly fee or entry fee. However with visa cards banks need to do that.

RuPay cards only offer debit card with online transaction. Visa offers both debit and credit cards.

RuPay cards offer safety as the transaction data would be limited to only India. This prevents customer data from going to other countries. Visa cards on the other share customer data through international payment gateway.

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35 Responses to Difference between RuPay card and Visa Debit card

  1. Umesh Dwivedi says:

    is there any annual rental associated with ru pay card

    • Your question is not clear, however, if you are talking about annual fee, then the answer is yes. Rupay Premium debit cards and Rupay Platinum debit cards of different banks have different annual fee. You can check with your bank.

  2. Vijay says:

    i want to sumit my offer letter fees(150 $) in canada using visa card
    Is it is possible to do international transaction using visa card

  3. Srikanth says:

    I have two cards for one account can I use both cards rupay and visa is there any problem ..??

    • No, you cannot use both cards as only one debit card is activated with the bank for a single account at a time. The card which is issued latest by the bank is in active mode. However, if it is a joint and bank issues two cards for different account holders, you can use both the cards.

  4. Vittalanand says:

    I have rupay card of Central Bank Of India , my name not emborsed in card. Can I present it at any POS and draw money at any of the banks in india other than foreign based banks ? Is the card valid for axis bank ATM?

  5. Basavanagowda says:

    I am Online shopping Different countries which Cards beter and beter bank

  6. Sarathivasan says:

    I am studying in the college, they told to pay me the fees through online, i am trying to pay through rupay, but it is not possible why it is??

    • You cannot pay with RuPay card unless the merchant website has the mechanism to complete transaction using it. Since, it is a cost to the seller, most merchant websites do not have the option to pay with it. As things are changing, you can expect to pay with it in the near future.

      • Jai Patil says:

        This RuPay card is valid only for shopping. It’s not useful for online transactions & paying bills other than shopping say hospital bill. Nowadays most of the transactions are online. Then why a card which is still not useful for this is being given forcefully /compulsorily?? Isn’t there be an option? Once it is full fledged then issuing it is OK. But now? Isn’t it unfair?

  7. Bnk prasad says:

    How to get rupay card, which bank is issuing the card

  8. Jitendra says:

    Which type card issueing by bank for better transaction.. Rupay or Visa

  9. sk ramya says:

    I have rupay card from IOB that saying international debit card
    1. shall I with draw money form other countries?
    2. I has student account, am i eligible to get visa card?
    3. Why doesn’t bank offer visa card?

  10. Jitendra Nagar says:

    What is the upper limit to withdraw using rupay ATM card and how can I increase it?

  11. vasant veera says:

    can i link rupay card with my corporation bank a/c?

  12. Abdul Rahim says:

    I have rupay debit card issued by Karnataka bank..now I am in Dubai..how can I withdraw cash in Dubai..I mean which ATM

  13. Amol c says:

    Can I use rupey and visa both cards at one time with a same password?

  14. Joseph says:

    I have a rupay card and it is said that it’s international debit card?????

  15. Ak kumar says:

    rupey debit car is the way to save our money thought online paymen..

    if you will be paymet by rupey debit card on paytm or freecharge or online so u can get more cass back…

    • somashis says:

      but is rupay card acceptable to paytm,bookmyshow,and some shops where it is written that visa and master card accepted.??
      Can u please elaborately explain,where it is not acceptable.

      • Rupay card is acceptable at Paytm and Bookmyshow. It is a valid debit card in the country so I guess every shop that accepts other cards accepts Rupay card as well. You can check whether Rupay debit card is listed or not in the payment options on the website at the time of payment.

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