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Best expense tracking apps for Indians

Best expense tracking apps for Indians

Money is easy to spend, but hard to earn back. In this materialistic day and age, people often frivolously spend their money instead of thoughtfully managing it. Efficient money management is a necessity, but it only becomes harder with the increasing use of credit cards and debit cards.

However, on the other hand, the increasing use of modern technology can help people manage their money better. There are several apps that can help people track all of their incomes, expenses, and investments, making money management a much simpler task. These are five of the best free expense tracking apps, which help with organizing finances and managing money in a much more efficient way.

mTrakr is a very efficient money manager app, which allows the user to plan out a budget. The app analyzes SMS (Short Message Service) sent by banks and billers, and it also processes documents that are clicked on or uploaded.

It shows areas where the user frequently spends money, and allows management of multiple bank accounts. mTrakr helps reduce expenses and keeps track of all credit card and bank balances.

Money View provides a net balance view, which allows the user to get bank balances from online banking after a one-time authentication. The app tracks the user’s purchases and can show nearby ATMs. It can also track messages from non-10-digit numbers, which helps the user manage these messages while also keeping the user’s personal data safe.

Chillr is an app launched by the HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation), India’s private sector bank.

It allows the user to transfer money, track expenses, and recharge accounts, as well as other banking and payment necessities. Additionally, a user can scan QR codes with the app to make payments in shops.

Wally is another personal finance app, available for both iPhone and Android. The app is divided into three tabs: home, income, and review. It allows the user to compare income to expenses, and can help guide the user on where money goes. Wally also allows the user to set and achieve certain goals.

Walnut is an app that can automatically track the user’s expenses.

The app divides expenses into categories such as bills and travel.

It can transfer money, split expenses, find ATMs, and perform other money management needs.

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