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World Ayurveda Conference in New Delhi

World Ayurveda Conference in New Delhi

World Ayurveda Conference is going to be commenced from today onwards in New Delhi. It will be held till November 9, 2014. More than 4,000 delegates are expected to join in this sixth Ayurveda Conference. Furthermore, health ministers of various countries are also likely to participate in this event as they have been invited to join.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the conference. India is renowned for its Ayurvedic practices in ancient days. It flourished in this area once. Later, due to long-term medication needs, lack of skilled doctors in Ayruveda and the immediate relief found in Allopathic (mainstream) medicine, Ayurveda lost its glory.

But in recent days, Ayurveda has become one of the best alternative remedies to treat several conditions with few/no side effects. In this scenario, many people are interested in practicing Ayurveda like general medicine. Ayurveda can be improved by establishing more Ayurvedic colleges to make skillful doctors, who can diagnose the conditions accurately and treat the patients. Furthermore, in order to rejuvenate Ayurveda there is a need to bring more awareness on alternative medicine which once treated many diseases effectively.

Being the ‘fifth Veda’, Ayurveda was believed once to improve the ‘Ayu’- the life of people. These type of conferences can help in promoting awareness on Ayurveda. The conference is a good initiation in rejuvenating Ayurveda. There will be five plenary sessions and 25 technical sessions in this conference. A Total of 750 scientific papers will be presented by scientists from all over the globe including USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and numerous other countries.

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