Startup Cricket League

Startup Cricket League – Biggest Startup Carnival in India

Startup Cricket League - Biggest Startup Carnival in India

Startup Cricket League is considered the biggest startup carnival in India. It is meant to be a big convention for all the people who are interested in startups. It is a networking event that should not be missed by anyone who is interested in having a startup.

The aim of the event is to improve the Indian startup ecosystem. It provides encouragement and support for startups in many ways. That is not all, the event will also have a wide range of activities and events to keep the attendees entertained.

The title of cricket league is because a cricket league between startups is actually held. Here people of one startup form a team and play against other startups and investors. This works as a good promotion for everyone.

People who are interested in starting their own startups but do not have the right funds can also find help here. They can pitch their and if they can capture the interest of investors, they can get the right funding.

The event also has a startup expo. Here, respective startup enthusiasts can exhibit or demonstrate their product or service to the Startup World. This includes Investors, other startups, professionals, students etc.

One can also get a lot of expertise in the event from the startup crossfire session. In this, experts will be involved in two intense panel discussions related to the startup ecosystem. Those who are even more interested in getting expertise can actually meet experienced founders, CEO’s and Industry experts. The experts would be willing to share their knowledge and tips with budding CEOs.

The event is also beneficial for those who do not have their own startup. Interested people can get hired by the Startups participating in the event. The audience of the event can drop in their details and expect a call for a Job or Internship.

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