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Himalayan Organics offers plant-based dietary supplements

The Himalayan Organics offers plant-based dietary supplements

A vegetarian diet is considered good for health. But it may lack some essential nutrients like vitamin B12. Hence, people take dietary supplements to prevent the risk of deficiency.

Suditi Sharma and Vaibhav Raghuwanshi are college friends. Being vegetarians, the duo tried to find out whether dietary supplements in the market fulfil the needs of vegetarians.

They realized that the Indian dietary supplement market does not have enough products to meet the needs of vegetarians. Several nutrients like Omega-3 Fatty acids are available in the form of fish oil in the country. As a result, many vegetarians do not like to use such products.

Suditi and Vaibhav also noted that rather than using dietary supplements, many Indians rely on medicines. It is contrary to developed nations like the US, where people depend on dietary supplements to avoid health issues.

The duo wished to enter the dietary supplements market.  It led to their venture, The Himalayan Organics, to offer plant-based nutritional supplements.

This Indore-based startup offers over 55 plant-based and 25 organic dietary supplements. It has a team of experienced professionals to serve customers. While the formulations of supplements are prepared in-house, the manufacturing is outsourced.

Himalayan Organics is a D2C brand. Customers can get a free lifetime doctor consultation and dietician support.

The products of the startup are affordable, with a price range of ₹450 to ₹1100. They are sold on the website of the startup. In addition, they are available on various marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg, Pharmeasy etc.

The founders also want to expand their business by selling in offline stores. Currently, they are available in around 15,000 offline stores across the country.

The startup claims that the ingredients used in the products are authentic and organic. Besides, they are sourced from the Himalayan region.

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