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How to Lose Your Fear of Being Fired

How to Lose Your Fear of Being Fired

Is there a legitimate reason that you feel like you may be fired? Or its just your thought which giving a wrong impact on your mind.

Look for evidence at the office that may suggest your job is in peril.

If you can’t find any, then it’s likely that your fears are all in your head and you have nothing to worry about.

May be you are thinking more about these things now days or you saw some case related to this that is why you feel like that it can be happen to you.

It is important to find out the reason firstly, find out the reason for fear.

Some signs that your employer might be preparing to let you go are like;

–       Your manager is suddenly avoiding you

–       Your workload subsides

–       Your boss is hyper-critical of your work

–       There’s new management that wants to take the company in a new direction

–       You’re no longer asked to attend important meetings

–       Suddenly change in team or manager behavior

These are the few reasons you may feel fear of being fired. Below you will find tips to lose your fear of being fired:

Talk to Your Supervisor

Politely ask your boss for a private meeting to discuss your concerns. Let your boss know that you care about your position and want to perform your duties to the best of your ability.

Your boss will likely be impressed by your initiative and may be able to put your mind at ease. Realize the treatment from your boss is rarely personal.

Your boss is likely focused on the big picture of your company growth rather than your performance offer to take on extra projects that could lighten your boss’ work load. Bring in a list of your accomplishments at work.

Put Fear in it’s Place

If you can’t find any concrete proof that your job is at risk, try to find the source of your fears.

Your fears may be the result of past personal experiences. Identifying the cause of irrational fear can be the first step in mitigating it.

Did you watch a friend or family member go through a painful time after losing a job? Do you see being fired as a poor evaluation of your self-worth? These can be the reasons you are thinking about being fired.

Review your performance

Review your performance for last few months. Is there any work you are not able to do? Did you misbehave with anyone? Did you disclose anything which you should not supposed to do?

When we did something which we should not supposed to do, that time its normal to come negative thoughts in your mind.

If anything, you did from these try to short out that with discussion or if there is any misunderstanding, try to clear that.

Talk to Your Peers

If you feel like your fear of being fired is reasonable, see how your co-workers feel about their own job security. You may be surprised to find out that many of them have the same worries you do.

Some employers do use the fear of being fired in a misguided attempt to keep their employees in line. Don’t complain to your co-workers. It could get back to your boss.

If you feel like your company is manipulating you, you may want to start searching for a new place to work.

These are some suggestion from our side to get over from the fear of being fired.

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