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  Things to Avoid in Job Interview

Things to avoid in job interview

Sometimes your single answer can be the reason for interview failure. Some hiring managers and recruiters are very good at getting candidates to “open up,” and in the process getting valuable information that you may wish you had kept to yourself. But you should know about that what to say or What not to say in interview. During an interview stay focused on maintaining your serious side. A casual greeting like “hey dude” “Hi whassup” is a no.

During interview, you will not get that much time to think for the answer. So, you should prepare yourself for the common question and keep few points on your mind how to answer their questions and what to avoid during interview.

Here you will find some points which should be avoid in interview:

 1. When employer ask about the reason of leaving last employer, no matter how bad a job was, you never, ever want to badmouth a former employer in an interview. Keep your tone somewhere between neutral and positive, focusing on what you’ve learned from your past employment.

2. No company wants to hire someone who has lacks confidence, even if you’re more nervous than you’ve ever been don’t let them know about that never say like “I am really nervous” or something like that. Act like a confident candidate.

3. Do not talk about personal life even if employer ask for your personal life, do not share so much like your family planning, marriage plan, about girlfriend/boyfriend, any plan for your own business.

4. Do not discuss about the holidays you planned in coming months.

5. Research about the company firstly never ask from employer “What does this company do?” It is so embarrassing if you’re walking into a job interview without any idea of what the company you’re interviewing for does.

6. Don’t lie about your weakness, everyone has some weakness like everyone have a different quality so don’t lie tell about your weakness but also tell about the way how you can overcome from your weakness.

7. Never say “I want job-any job”. That may be true but the interviewer needs to know that you want the job you’re interviewing for.

8. If you got fired in previous employment don’t tell directly, there are more graceful ways to explain that you were fired. Like “My boss and I had very different ideas about what our department should be focusing on, and it soon became clear that I’d be happier in a new role”. Keep the focus on what you learned from the past, and bring the focus back to why the job you’re interviewing for is the right one for you.

9. Never compliment interviewers on their physical appearance. Like you have nice hairs, I like your glasses. Instead of this try to compliment on recent success of the company.

10. Do not discover about your earnings. Like I’m still earning good money from patents at my last job, I am earning with part time job also, I am working as freelancer.

These are some points which commonly asked from candidates. Try to avoid your failure reason. If you have any bad experience in interview you can also share with us.

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