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Make plan for Elderly parents

make plan for elderly parents

We did not realize to think about our parents at the end of the day, much less talk about it. As painful as thinking about this might be, we need to prepare to help them be comfortable and safe in their last stages of their lives.

It’s better to plan a family meeting with our parents and siblings and prepare for it by reassessing our own financial situation and feelings.

May be parents are healthy, fine today but in coming years they are old and old mat be suddenly the next day need a great amount of care.

It’s not like we are thinking something wrong about them but the thing is we should plan for them to make them more comfortable, stress-free & healthy.

we know our family very well everyone is different but some things we need to start prepare from today without wasting our time to give them comfortable, healthy & happy life ahead.

Here I am going to mention some important points as per my thoughts: 

1. Arrange meeting with family

It’s not only for the conversation only about them share about your thinking, your financial stage.

if you have any plan for them discuss with them and ask about their plan what they want next?

Take their suggestion to make plan for them, try to know their wish they want to be in their life.

The main purpose of this meeting is to plan best life for parents in their old age.

2. Financial Plan

Financial plan is very important. Avoid access to credit cards if elderly member is unable to control their spending. Check accounts are listed in joint accounts for children truly committed to parent’s welfare.

Inventory of all financial assets (stocks, bonds, checking accounts) needs to be in accessible location for identified Executor. Plan for emergency funds, insurance & savings.

 3. Accommodation Facilities

Plan for a home where you can provide a comfort and pleasant environment.

If you already have, have a look on everything carefully so that you can make change as per their comfort.

Select the room on ground floor for them as it’s hard for aged people going upstairs again and again.

Night lights in place to avoid falls at night when going to bathroom, ensure easy transition of elderly into and out of shower, have multiple portable phones accessible in highly utilized rooms of house.

If they want to do some work make arrangement for that in home because for aged people, it’s hard to sit free they want to work motivate them they will spend good time with working.

4. Security

Think about the security. It may be possible that you may need to stay out of town some times.

If you have a big family than its good for you & them, but if not than you must worry about them.

If you have house in a society which is already secure (Having guard, Camera’s) than no worries about that but if not than you should think about security.

So, make security plan, if required you can plan CCTV camera’s outside, if you can afford keep a guard there.

5. Maintain Phone Diary

Keep the phone numbers in a diary so that when you will not their they can contact with persons if they required.

Other family members can also contact in any emergency.

6. Legal Paperwork:

Consider the legal paperwork if required any. Keep the documents safe, ensure power of attorney and living will is in place and copies made available to all family members.

7. Health care

Plan for their health care. Regular health check-up.

Ensure elderly member medical problem list, drug allergies and current medications is written down and distributed to the elderly member, family members, and if necessary, neighbors too.

Keep the number of their primary care provider. If they suffering with any health issue, anything they required on urgent basis keep that in home.

Try to give some time for your parent from your busy schedules. The way they gave from your childhood to present.

Discuss with them, ask for suggestion. This will give mentally pleasure to them. Also these plan will help you to make more plan for your personal as well as professional life.

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