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Financial gifts for your valentine

Financial gifts for your valentine

Valentines’ day is coming up and everyone is looking to buy gifts. The common practice of buying gifts like clothes and jewelry is generally considered romantic. However, there are some practical gifts that you can give to your valentine. While these are not as romantic, they can certainly be very useful in securing him/her financially and in times of financial need.

Open a fixed deposit

Investing in a fixed deposit is one of the best and safest options. They can also help in getting tax benefits if you choose to invest in 5-year tax saving instrument from various banks.

Open a PPF account for them

Investing in a PPF account is a great option. Saving this amount, it can be used at the time of retirement which makes it very useful. There are also tax benefits you can avail on the amount deposited.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in mutual funds

Starting a SIP on your partner’s behalf is a great financial investment. In the long run, MF will take care of any volatility and it gives good returns compared to other investments. Remember that there can be certain market risks for mutual funds even though they are a great choice of instruments.

Gold investment

Investing in gold is one of the best options. Gold is generally considered as hedge against inflation. It can be used at times of financial instability. Gold also has many options. You can choose coins, gold funds, and even jewelry.

Gift cards

Gift cards a common service offered by many banks. You can buy a gift with the necessary amount in it and gift it to your partner. He/she can use it later based on her preference to buy what she wants.

These gifts are given as suggestions for financial stability. Try to buy a gift based on your partner’s preference.

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