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Young man secures a job at Amazon despite the odds

Young man secures job at Amazon despite the odds

If you observe your surroundings, you will find many interesting things and wonderful people. Here is a young man who inspires you with his achievements by beating the odds.

Amruth, a 24-year-old, is suffering from muscular dystrophy. He lives in Cheepurupalli, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, along with his parents and younger brother.

He was diagnosed with severe muscular dystrophy in his childhood. His parents, Srinivasa Rao and Deepa, consulted many doctors at reputed hospitals across the country when he was affected by a muscular disorder at the tender age of two.

Finally, the family got to know the bitter truth that Amruth was suffering from muscular dystrophy.

His parents joined him in a school in their area to provide him with a good education. His mother Deepa used to carry him to school on her shoulders. She did that for many years till he finished his seventh grade.

After that, Amruth’s younger brother Yaswanth helped him going school. Yaswanth used to take him on a tricycle.

Amruth is a brilliant student. Despite the odds, he never lost his hope and courage. Besides, his family is his strength. The support of the family was not in vain, as Amruth completed his SSC with a 9.1 GPA.

He secured 940 marks in his Intermediate out of 1,000. Amruth graduated in Commerce with an 8.4 CGPA.

Since Amruth was completely bedridden, he was not eligible for a government job, yet he was not disheartened.

He focussed on learning computer skills. Both his brother and father helped him improve his skills. He operates the computer with his index fingers. Amruth became a master in computers. He applied for a job at Amazon and got selected for the job on his first attempt.

Amazon India recruited the young man with a package of ₹3 lakhs per annum. It gave him a permanent position and allowed him to work from home. Amruth and his family are very happy.

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