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Women who constructed 10 km of brick roads

Women who constructed 10 km of brick roads

Meet these brave women of rural West Bengal who constructed roads in order to improve accessibility and connectivity to their remote villages.

In the verdant sundarbans region of South 24 paragana district in West Bengal, there is a small nondescript village called colonypara. Few years ago, this small village in the Nafarjung gram panchayat was more or less cut off from the outside world.

The village is completely surrounded by crisscrossing estuaries and tidal rivers. As a result, it became a common thing for the narrow and unpaved lanes to get flooded. This generally forces those who venture here to go through a long hike through muddy and squishy pathways.

However, the village is past those dark days thankfully due to the hard work and determination of several women who spread across 15 villages in the area which made a lot of difference to these villages.

During the past four years, they formed together a team to build more than 10 kilometers of brick roads which connected several villages which were inaccessible in the past. These villages often face the rage of floods from rivers. Most of these women were mothers. Many stated that they could not go anywhere due to these bad roads which led them to take matters into their own hands.

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