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New technology for roads

New technology for roads

We could be witnessing a major transformation in road construction due to the involvement of more advanced technology and alternative building material. The Ministry of Road, Highways and Transport is going to consult stakeholders regarding this issue.
Vijay Chibber, secretary of the ministry has stated at a Press conference that they are planning to improve road designing, while also bringing down construction cost, using alternate road building material. So far, new technologies and use of different building material could not receive desired response from project engineers, designers and consultants.
He further added that the ministry is search for ways to adopt and increase the usage of these alternate materials. These materials will be cheap and strong and help in increasing the infra-growth story.
Chibber has admitted that there is a definite gap in technology between India and other developed countries. He stated that the ministry is planning to improve new technology within this year in order to start their plans.
It is stated by the ministry that they are planning to bring modern technology for road construction in order to reduce the cost of construction. The ministry is also planning to cut down on maintenance costs. Chibber stated that private road construction companies usually plan to use latest technology but the government’s old plans usually hold them back. He added that they are planning to release these shackles and give freedom to those companies.

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