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Woman makes bamboo lamps, Rakhis & more

Woman makes bamboo lamps, Rakhis & more

Sustainable products are the choice of many eco-conscious people now. Hence, many startups emerge into the sector to offer such products.

Meenakshi Walke is one of them. This Maharashtra woman was a homemaker. But, after the birth of her son, the financial needs of the family increased. So, she wanted to earn by making wood and thread jewelry.

She used to make decent money at home while looking after her son. However, she lost her daughter during the process of childbirth in 2018. She was depressed and refused to continue the work.

But, her husband encouraged her to resume work to bring her out of depression. She enrolled in a training program conducted by the Forest Department. She learned the art of bamboo products.

She launched Abhisar Innovatives to sell her products. As her products are unique, they attracted many people. Through word-of-mouth publicity, her products gained popularity. In addition to that, Meenakshi showcased her products in a few exhibitions. It also helped her gain popularity.

Several people appreciated her products and designs, which helped her reach more people. Besides, the organizers of the Miss Climate Pageant liked her designs very much and gave her a contract.

Later, Meenakshi designed many innovative products like friendship bands, rakhis etc. The eco-friendly rakhis made out of bamboo are the best-selling products. These bamboo rakhis are completely sustainable as she makes the thread using khadi.

Meenakshi says that though the customers did not like the rakhis in the beginning, they are the best-selling products. They have become her identity now. She even exports these rakhis to London. Around 10,000 rakhis were sold last year and made a profit of more than ₹3 lakhs.

This year also, she sold over 6,000 rakhis. She trains more than 200 women in the craft to make them self-sustain.

Image Credit: Abhisar Innovatives Facebook page

Image Reference: https://www.facebook.com/AbhisarInnovatives/photos/pb.100063798078331.-2207520000../4321788031217291

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