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Eco-friendly Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan

Eco-friendly Rakhis for Raksha Bandhan

As Raksha Bandhan is approaching, many types of Rakhis are available in the market. However, environment conscious people search for eco-friendly rakhis.

Rakhi signifies the love and affection between a brother and sister.

Most of the normal rakhis are discarded after one or two days. At that time, several brothers feel guilt.

Several types of plantable rakhis are available in the market to avoid such situation.

Here are special and eco-friendly rakhis that ‘live’ and show your special bond:

Rakhis though represent the bond between a brother and sister, those who have same-gender siblings need not worry. Siblings remain a strength to their counterpart. Gargi, the founder of Ba No Batwo designed a gender-neutral plantable Rakhi. She says that why should a brother protect his sister and why can’t a sister protect her brother? She also started an online campaign ‘#MeriBehanMeriTakat’ means my sister is my strength.

Roshan Raay, founder of Seed Paper India is encouraging differently-abled people to design handmade and hand-painted rakhis. The entire profit on the sale of these rakhis would be donated to people with HIV.

BioQ designed plantable rakhis from recycled kraft paper. Saurabh, the founder of the company manufactures plantable pens and pencils. He extended this concept to rakhis also.

Navleen Kumar encourages rural women from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh to manufacture seed rakhis based on Gram Art to create awareness on social issues.

Abhika Creations rakhis are made from clay. They contain special seeds of Vinca Rosea that blooms twice in a year. These are sold in kits that contain a biodegradable pot, a packet of soil, and an instruction manual.

Smita Bhatter’s plantable rakhis have cabbage seeds. The kit has roli and rice for tilak, soil, and a mini pot.
Image Credit:- “Aarti plate” by carrotmadman6 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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