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Eco-friendly Bamboo products from 7 Sister Crafts

Eco-friendly Bamboo products from 7 Sister Crafts

Bamboo is widely grown in northeastern states of the country, especially Assam has dense forests and rich sources of different species of bamboo.

To use them innovatively and to reach many people across the country, Sunam Taran founded 7 Sister Crafts in 2018.

He sells goods made from bamboo, like baskets, bottles, toothbrushes, furniture and mugs. He also offers interior décor designs.

7 Sister Crafts offers more than 500 products in 1,000 designs. The startup is based out of Barpeta, in Assam.

It has been exporting products to other countries including the US and Australia since its operations.

28-year-old Sunam also designed an innovative straw with wheat stubble which can decompose in six months.

Thus, wheat stubble can be productively used. Since the straw is made of agricultural waste, it costs around ₹1 per straw.

It is cheaper if you buy in bulk. The startup also sells straws made with bamboo which are available for ₹5.

7 Sister Crafts works with local artisans and designers to manufacture beautiful and innovative products for home décor.

The startup consists of more than 1,300 artisans who have over 25 years of experience in manufacturing bamboo products.

Sunam worked as an event manager in Mumbai before venturing into 7 Sister Crafts. However, due to his passion to do something unique, he entered in this business.

The idea came to his mind after a discussion with his father. His father is a retired bank employee who used to interact with local bamboo artisans while sanctioning loans.

Eco-friendly Bamboo products from 7 Sister Crafts

Eco-friendly Bamboo products from 7 Sister Crafts

Then, Sunam moved to Assam. He noticed that the artisans lacked an organized platform. Hence, they used to sell their products at the roadside though they were very talented. Moreover, they used to make conventional items due to lack of proper guidance and directions.

Sunam properly guided them to create unique products. Under the supervision of Sunam, local artisans are designing several unique products and earning handsome money with their talent.

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