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Woman earns lakhs per month with mushroom farming

Woman earns lakhs per month with mushroom farming

Mushroom cultivation is one of the most profitable businesses these days. Several people are choosing it due to attractive remuneration with encouragement from both central as well state governments.

A homemaker from Kerala is one among them. Shije Varghese from Kerala is earning a minimum of ₹1,00,000 per month with mushroom cultivation.

She was a homemaker and was looking after her children. However, she wanted to do something after they had grown up.

At that time, a session on mushroom cultivation was held in her neighbourhood and the agricultural officer asked her to attend the session. Though she hesitated initially, she attended the session with the motivation of her husband.

Thus, her new journey began. She started with two packets and six beds made of sawdust from rubber trees and succeeded which boosted her to move forward.

Getting full support from her husband, she established a shed with approximately 300 beds. She experimented with mushroom cultivation for about six months. But, she completely failed at that time. She was discouraged by those results and wanted to quit.

But, her husband used to encourage her constantly to move forward. She visited mushroom farms in various locations across Kerala to learn where she went wrong.

Temperature and humidity are crucial in mushroom cultivation and she came to know these have to be maintained throughout the year considering the climate in the state.

She started implementing a bio hi-tech cooling system in her shed where the desired temperature and humidity are maintained.

She also implemented a simple fan and pad mechanism from dried vetiver grass to intensify the cooling effect.

After witnessing several ups and downs, finally, she succeeded in her venture. She is also teaching the techniques to the people who visited her to know them.

Now, her brand ‘Coonfresh’ is earning more than one lakh rupees every month.

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