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VKF gives new life to poor children

VKF gives new life to poor children

Education is a fundamental right to children. Yet, several poor children and children in rural areas are not getting it.

In order to provide prime education to the poor and underprivileged children, an NGO Visamo Kids Foundation (VKF) came forward.

VKF is a Bhopal based NGO. At first, it was founded as a camp to provide shelter for the victims of earthquake in 2001. Later, it was decided to function in a full operative mode.

VKF is not a regular orphanage. It is a parentage home for underprivileged children. In other words, it is a home for the children whose parents cannot afford their education due to their poor and deprived financial conditions.

VKF selects students on the basis of their merit and provides education to them. The NGO has partnered with some reputed schools in Ahmedabad. The kids who are selected by it will receive free education in these schools.

In addition to bearing the expenses of education, VKF also bears the cost of other expenses like uniform, books, transport and educational tours.

The teachers who work for VKF are not selected on the basis of their degrees. Even though, they do not hold degrees, they daily visit the campus in the evenings and spend time with students. They also help in the homework of the students by making them understand the concepts.

Students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities to improve their personalities.

VKF gives new life to poor children

VKF gives new life to poor children

Several students are trained for prestigious institutions such as NID and visit the campus to teach them new skills.

Several classical music teachers also visit VKF as volunteers and teach the children.

Some children who got shelter in this home succeeded as basketball players. Some even got admission in several prestigious colleges including medical and engineering.

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