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These girls sell cattle online

These girls sell cattle online

Have you ever seen an online platform for the trading of cattle? While India is transforming digitally, many things are available online now.

Cattle fairs, a century-old tradition in the country. But, these girls changed it.  Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra are IITians. Both these girls were roommates at IIT-Delhi. They used to share their ideas problems during their education. Their bonding continued in the later years as well.

They pursued a good job for a few years. But, later they quit their jobs to start an online platform for cattle trading. Their families have been in dairy farming for many years.

When both the girls announced their decision of selling cattle online, their families were not at all happy. Rather, they questioned that if they want to become a cattle trader, then why did they pursue their education at IIT. But, their families accepted due to the strong determination of girls for launching an online platform for the sale of cattle.

That’s how Animall emerged in November 2019 with an investment of ₹11,000. The girls started their operations in a small rented room, Bengaluru. They launched a mobile application for it. They tried to reach many farmers to encourage them towards online cattle trading.

However, the task was more difficult than they expected. The duo was mocked by many neighbours and relatives. Some others said that the online sale of cattle was a joke. But, due to their strong determination and dedication, the girls succeeded. Besides, luck also favoured them in the form of some opportunities.

Within a month of launch, the duo could trade 50 cattle heads. It has been increased gradually and reached 5 lakhs.

Animall has three main features. These include trading, online consultation and knowledge sharing. 

The services of Animall are available only in three states — Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. More than 40 lakh users from these states downloaded the Animall app.

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