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Sirisha Duo – Netravadhanam Experts in Khammam

Sirisha Duo – Netravadhanam Experts in Khammam

Netravadhanam is a type of communication using the eyes. Two girls named Sirisha Kambhampati, Sirisha Nooka from Viswanathapuram in Khammam district in Telangana are experts in this process. They have been charming the audience with their spellbound performance. Hailing from poor families, both girls are studying IX in Kurnapalli Government High School. They learned this art from their school Head master Kapu Adinarayana Swami.

These girls have been performing this art in several stages in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. Recently, during the audio launch of a Telugu movie, they performed and attracted the audience. Both girls sit opposite to one another in their stage shows. Anyone from audience can write anything and show it to one girl who explains it to the other girl using ‘eye language’. The other girl then reveals the written sentence exactly. The other girl can guess the sentence exactly including the punctuation marks.

Netravadhanam is one of the ancient techniques which was very popular in India in ancient times. In these days, there are very few experts that practice this art. In the initial days of practice, eyes will strain as the performer needs to rotate his/her eyes fast, open and close randomly. But with practice, one can become an expert. These girls achieved several awards including Nipuna 2014, Telangana Ratna etc.

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