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Pravin Tupule – Fighting despair with laughter

Pravin Tupule

Have you ever seen the pediatric ward of a hospital? It is filled with despair and sadness by many children fighting with cancer and other diseases. Meet Pravin Tupule, who took it on himself to make as many of these children laugh as much as possible.

He visits these clinics dressed up as clown and makes the children laugh with funny jokes and amazing magic tricks. His clown name is Pintoo and he has mastered the art of making children laugh. The inner child of this ex-navy officer turned clown is very enthusiastic and genuine about his work.

In 1995, Pravin joined the Society of Indian Magicians in Mumbai. Instead of following the traditional top hat and tailcoat attire, he used his magician skills combined with something that will make people laugh.

He conducts his clown magic show for children who need support. These include children living in shelter, orphanages, and hospitals. The shows he conducts are absolutely free. He also does several commercial projects to make his living.

Pravin’s daughters Shruti and Malhar are also well versed with magic and they both accompany him to show support. Pravin has also took part in several campaigns which are hygiene related. He focused a lot on the importance of hand washing too.

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