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Meet this young multi innovator

Meet this young multi innovator

From making a road all by himself to developing a one-of-its-kind cashew nut grading machine, AnupVijapur has been functioning on superb innovations. “People think I am still a student, but I guess it is the impact that matters,” says AnupVijapur.

It was throughout his engineering course that Vijapur’s efforts came into limelight once he made a road in a close village. In 2009, whereas strolling back from Hospet to Hubli, he noticed a stretch of road which was in a very bad condition. “It was totally smudged, covered with mud and in such bad condition that there were a lot of mosquitoes due to the stagnant dirty water.”

In 2 days time, he managed to clear the blocked road and lined it with red soil to make it walk-able.

“But this wasn’t it. I clicked the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the road and showed them to the municipality officer. I don’t know what affected them, but the next week when I was crossing that area, I saw them constructing a new tar road there. It was a great feeling,” he says.

Vijapur has always been a curious child and worked for new innovations all the time. He made many more innovations like the cashew nut grinding machine and a device that checks the drowsiness level of a public vehicle driver.

Image Reference: thebetterindia

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