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Handicare mobile device helps specially-abled people

Handicare mobile device helps specially-abled people

Physically challenged and visually impaired people need assistance, and there are many devices in the market to help them.

Here is a unique device designed by Sumanth Mudaliar and Vishrut Bhatt to help specially-abled people. Their device, Handicare, helps people who have lower limb disabilities.

The duo launched a startup, Oneceptual Technologies, to sell their products. Sumanth, one of the co-founders of the startup says that the idea of developing a unique mobility device for specially-abled people came to him when he was pursuing his engineering.

Sumanth had seen many people who have lower limb disabilities and navigate roads with the help of a board by touching the ground. They push the board by placing their hands on the ground. It bruises their hands. Besides, it is not hygienic.

Having seen many such people, Sumanth wished to develop a unique mobility device to help them. As these people cannot afford a wheelchair, he wished to make an affordable solution for them. His batchmate Vishrut also joined him. The duo experimented for several months and made a prototype of Handicare.

The device has a handlebar to navigate on the road and control speed. So, there is no need to touch the ground with their hands while pushing the board on a road.

Before launching their final version of the device, the duo gave the boards to 100 people to know feedback. They made many changes to their prototype as per the feedback of users.

For example, their initial prototype was too heavy, with a weight of 10 kilograms. Besides, it was difficult for the users to carry it into the washroom.

Sumanth and Vishrut spent a few more months updating the structure and reducing its weight to 6 kg. They also changed its structure and steering as well for better performance. In addition, they also reduced the thickness of the board.

They also launched Mobula, a multipurpose electric scooter for elderly people and people with walking disabilities. The duo received many awards and felicitations for their innovations.

Aarohan social innovation award given by Infosys Foundation and the Award for Best Social Innovation received from the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari are a few of them.

Image Credit: Oneceptualtechnologies Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://oneceptualtechnologies.com/our-products/

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