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Meet this unique ex-army man and his wife

Meet this unique ex-army man and his wife

Meet this unique couple who put aside their comforts to bring joy to the world around them. Sapna and Nihar Halder from a small town called Chandrapur in the interiors of Maharashtra. Nihar Halder is an ex-army man who served the Indian army for nine years in the EME Corp. He worked as a vehicle mechanic. He was even part of the Indian peace keeping force which helped Sri Lank in the year 1989.

After his stint in the Indian army, he returned to his hometown Chandrapur where he married Sapna, a school teacher. Even though he was happily married and started a new life with a small grocery shop, the couple felt something was missing and wanted to do something for the society.

Nihar joined an NGO called Sankalp Sanstha which used to collect waste papers from and sell them for money to donate to schools and help physically challenged children. With the collected money, the couple even took these children to meet the then president of India, Mrs. Pratibha Patil.

On July 2013, when chandrapur was flooded, the couple along with few of their friends started cooking for homeless people. They even collected old clothes to help women out.  The couple also helped many other people.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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