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Meet the inspiring woman entrepreneur who beats odds

Meet the inspiring woman entrepreneur who beats odds

There are very few people who inspire the world by beating the odds. This Kerala woman falls under this category.

Geetha Saleesh from Thrissur, Kerala, lost her vision due to retinitis pigmentosa. She was diagnosed with this rare genetic disorder at the age of 13 years and lost her vision completely by the age of 15.

But, she did not lose her hopes and courage. Geetha learned braille and finished her graduation. After her marriage, Geetha started a small organic restaurant along with her husband, Saleesh Kumar. The couple ran it successfully for some years, but they had to shut down the restaurant due to a lack of rented space. Successful running of a restaurant instilled confidence in Geetha to venture into the food business later.

Geetha took a break from her career to look after her kids and family. Later, she wanted to resume work. But, due to her disability, several employers did not want to recruit her.

Her husband encouraged her to start a business. She chose the online food business during the lockdown. Her experience in cooking helped her a lot. She started selling pickles and homemade ghee online through social media. She later made a special product, Curcu meal to boost immunity.

Geetha researched for three years to develop the product. The main content of the Curcu meal is turmeric. Coconut milk, dates, almond, and jaggery are other ingredients. The cost of a 450g bottle of Curcu meal is ₹600. It is their best selling product. The product has been delivered to thousands of people from all over the country since its launch.

Curcu meal is available in the form of paste. It can be consumed directly or mixed in hot milk.

Geetha earns more than ₹50,000 per month. She launched a website to sell her products. She says that her family supports her in all walks of life.

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