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Man that paralysed from neck earns crores with timber business

Man that paralysed from neck earns crores with timber business

Here is an inspiring story of a Kerala man. 46-year-old Shanavas T A runs a multi-crore timber business. He looks after his business from a bed.

Shanavas met with an accident 11 years ago, due to which he paralysed from the neck down.

Shanavas, a timber merchant, loaded two trucks of timber and was returning home in a car. At that time, his car steered away in the wrong direction and turned over multiple times. He was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, hence he was flung out of his car.

His spinal cord was injured. Hence, doctors did not recommend surgery for him as it was risky. It took several months for his recovery at different hospitals.

His body was paralysed from the neck, and he was confined to bed. The doctors at Christian Medical College, Vellore, implanted a steel rod so that he can control his neck movements.

Shanavas says that though he is disabled completely it has affected him only one per cent.

The accident changed his life. He witnessed several patients whose life conditions were worse than him.

Shanavas has a great supportive family. His wife Rahmat supported him a lot. She is his right hand. He decided to kick start timber business from a hospital bed. His wife pledged her gold to raise investment for his business. She gave ₹1 lakh to him to buy timber.

Shanavas started the business on a small scale. His timber business grew multifold within five months. Now he has a multi-crore business.

He employed 20 carpenters, 15 carpenters to work at his depot and the remaining five at the workshop. There is a 32-inch monitor in his room to monitor business operations and keep track of their work. Shanavas helps many poor families, students and patients. His life motivates many people.

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